Kids soap dough creation "Kirby"

Indoor Activities for Kids using Soap Dough

Indoor Activities for Kids

Soap dough is a fun and safe way for children to learn and explore, especially during times when outdoor play is limited. Modeling and sculpting can help children develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and social skills, while also providing an opportunity for quality family time.

Soap dough creation "Kirby"


Four Fun Indoor Activities using Soap Dough



1. Soap Dough Sculpting

    Soap Dough can be shaped and molded into a variety of fun and unique creations, making it perfect for sculpting. Children can use their imagination to create animals, flowers, or even their favorite cartoon characters.




    2. Cube- a -Palooza

      Soap Dough Co.'s kits include beautiful colorful cubes of soap dough that are great on their own! Don't feel like squishing and sculpting? No problem! Grab your cubes and wash or build a multi-colored soap bar, heck, build yourself a wall of clean, quality soap!  




      Hand squishing spearmint green soap dough.

      3. Soap Dough Sensory Play

      Sensory play with Soap Dough can provide a therapeutic and calming experience for children. They can explore the different textures, scents, and colors of the dough. All kits offer unscented options.

      Tip: Try closing your eyes and guessing what scent your soap dough cube is.




      Soap Dough mushroom and gnome decorated handmade soap bar.

      4. Soap Dough Color Mixing

      Children can experiment with different color combinations by mixing different colors of Soap Dough together. They can create new colors and explore color theory while having fun with Soap Dough.

      Overall, Soap Dough is a versatile and fun indoor activity for kids that can provide endless hours of creative play.

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