Soap Dough Instructions

Soap Dough Instructions

Soap Dough Co. kits are ready to squish, mold, and build right away! No need to "activate" the pliability of soap dough, just crush your cubes until all the clumps are completely gone, you want your dough to be nice and smooth.

What Tools Do I Need for Soap Dough?

Your Soap Dough Co. kit comes with bamboo tools and a brush, because water binds the dough like glue. How cool is that?!

You can also use your own clay sculpting tools with soap dough.

No previous clay or art experience is needed to thrive with our soap dough. Develop and challenge yourself while rewarding your skin!   

How To Use Soap Dough 

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Soap Dough is very pliable and moldable right out of the container! 

1 - Cut dough into smaller pieces and crush dough into your palms and fingers to soften like any other dough or clay (cut into smaller pieces if needed). Try to squish the soap dough until all clumps are gone.

Hand squishing green soap dough.

2 -  Create shapes and forms for your art, stick pieces together using water with your brush or your fingers. Wipe hands and fingers regularly.

3 - Create new colors by mixing together and use carving tool to add accents and details. Make sure to use water any time pieces need to be stuck together.

4 - To create a solid structure, allow soap to dry overnight or longer. Feel free to use your creation right away, it's fully saponified.

5 - Share your creations with us @soap_dough_co or