Multicolored soap dough cubes covering surface.

What is Soap Dough?

Soap dough is art, soap, and sensory experience all rolled into one!  

Over the years, soap makers have used this clay-like material in a variety of ways, primarily to decorate the inside and outside of soap bars.

Due to its pliability, soap dough has been a go-to for soap makers to create incredible details and color infusions on soap products.

The Soap Dough Company aka Soap Dough Co. has turned this soap industry secret into an easy-to-use material for all! 

Specifically formulated to harden overnight when exposed to air, you can use your soap dough creation or display it in your bath, kitchen, basin, or really anywhere.

Soap dough character (Grumpkin) in hand, soapy and sudsy.

When kept in an airtight container, your soap dough will stay soft and pliable to be used again. 


Who is Soap Dough good for?

Soap dough is great for everyone!

Already a clay or soap artist? Great! You will love using this material, think of air dry clay but fresher : ) . From detailed creations to stop motion animation, this incredibly clean art material is a joy to work with. 

Soap Dough Sal a Soap Dough Co. character, created from soap dough and stage as a mug shot.

Brand new to art, soap, or sculpting? Perfect, we have tons of Soap Dough DIY Videos and a whole community of Soap Dough Co. enthusiasts!

Do you just want soap and no art? We got you, Soap Dough Co. soap dough can be used as any other soap bar and will harden when exposed to air.

Multicolored soap dough cube used as soap bar. Pink soap dough cube with suds.

Are you a parent trying to get through bathtime in one piece? This is your time. This is an unplugged bath AND play time activity that your little one will be excited about! Parent-tested bathtime bribery. 

Child playing with soap dough creation.

From sensory + aroma therapy, solo or group art/play time, to beautiful guest soap bars, Soap Dough Co. has you covered.

What Tools Do I Need for Soap Dough?

Your Soap Dough Co. kit comes with bamboo tools and a brush, because water binds the dough like glue. How cool is that?!

You can also use your own clay sculpting tools with soap dough.

No previous clay or art experience is needed to thrive with our soap dough. Develop and challenge yourself while rewarding your skin! 

What is Soap Dough Co. Soap Dough Made From?

Soap Dough Co. soap dough is always vegan and made with minimal, simple, and sustainable ingredients.

With various kits to serve each and every budding artist, soap fanatic, or sensory seeker, Soap Dough Co. has something for everyone.

The best part is, it's all soap! 

Scent sensitive? While we've worked on our formula to ensure a soft and pleasing scent, all our kits offer SCENTED and UNSCENTED options.

Is Soap Dough a good group activity?

Soap dough is a wonderful group and party activity. Our kits also make great party and group gifts.

Grab some kits and get started today!


How To Use Soap Dough 

Full list of Soap Dough DIY Videos here!

Soap Dough is very pliable and moldable right out of the container! 

1 - Work dough into your palms and fingers to soften like any other dough or clay (cut into smaller pieces if needed).

Hand squishing green soap dough.

2 -  Create shapes and forms for your art, using carving tools for detailing along the way.

3 - Create new colors by mixing together and use your brush for water to bind pieces together. 

4 - To create a solid structure, allow soap to dry overnight or longer. Feel free to use your creation right away, it's fully saponified.

5 - Share your creations with us @soap_dough_co (Instagram) or hello@soapdoughco.com