Starting from our tiny apartment kitchen in 2020, we set out to make world-class soap with minimal ingredients from the best sources we can find. Our dream is to spread joy to the world one product at a time. From our signature bars to our soap dough, we take an obsessive approach to scents, shapes, and skin. 

We're also certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and strength coaches!

Why Would Personal Trainers Make Good Soap Makers?

Personal trainers and soap making may seem unrelated, but there are several reasons why personal trainers would make great soap makers:

  1. Attention to detail: Personal trainers pay close attention to detail when it comes to their clients' fitness and health. This same attention to detail can be applied to soap making, ensuring that each batch of soap is made to the highest standards.

  2. Creativity: Personal trainers are creative in their approach to designing workout plans for their clients. They can use the same creativity in developing new and unique soap recipes and designs.

  3. Passion for natural and healthy products: Personal trainers often promote a healthy lifestyle and the use of natural products. This same passion can be applied to soap making, ensuring that only high-quality, all-natural ingredients are used in their soap products.

  4. Entrepreneurial mindset: Personal trainers are often self-employed, running their own businesses. This entrepreneurial mindset can be applied to starting and growing a soap making business.

  5. Enjoy working with their hands: Personal trainers work with their clients to improve their physical well-being, similarly, soap making is a hands-on process that requires attention to detail and creativity, which personal trainers would enjoy.

  6. Love to share their knowledge: Personal trainers love to share their knowledge and experience with others, and similarly

Thank you for supporting our small business and helping us spread art, joy, and soap!