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  • Photo of lemongrass canvas soap bar with soap dough sculpture of gnome and fairy house in blue and pink soap dough with green soap dough door.

    What is Soap Dough?

    Soap dough is art, soap, and sensory experience rolled into one little cube.  

    Over the years, soap makers have used this clay-like material in a variety of ways, primarily to decorate the inside and outside of soap bars.

    Due to its pliability, soap dough has been a go-to for soap makers to create incredible details and color infusions on soap products.

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  • Bulk, Wholesale, Retail

    We offer plenty of bulk, wholesale and retail options!

    From large a la carte dough options, large custom soap dough kits, to shelf-ready retail products, our team is ready and here to help.

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  • Our Values

    At Soap Dough Co. we are committed to using only vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, and paraben-free ingredients in all of our soaps.

    Our commitment to these values is reflected in every bar of soap we make, ensuring that our customers can trust in the quality and ethics of our products.

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