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Soap Dough Co.

Soap Dough Jungle Kit

Soap Dough Jungle Kit

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Scented or Unscented?

With color and scent combinations to inspire a raised-by-wolves approach to soap sculpting, our Soap Dough Jungle kit will give you an infusion of primal instincts.

Don't like scented soap? That's perfectly cool with us, select UNSCENTED and you're on your way to shaping your soap masterpiece. 

Our signature Soap Dough seamlessly merges art, play, and skincare. This delightful dough is easy to squeeze, shape, and sculpt.

Gif of hand squeezing bright green soap dough.

Use water for gluing colors together or gluing dough to a bar.

While kept in an airtight container, it stays soft and pliable, when left in open air overnight, it will harden and can be used as any other soap bar or displayed as a work of art!

Each kit comes with: 

-Approximately 8oz. of soap dough (essential oil scented or unscented)

-Instructions and tutorials

-Bamboo carving kit

-water brush (H2O binds dough!)

-a future of infinite fun : )

Soap Dough Co. recommends transferring contents in Eco-Bag to an airtight container with a lid within three months for best results.

All Vegan Baby!

Ingredients: Organic base oils (coconut, olive oil, sustainable palm), Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled water, essential oils, Mica and/or natural clay powders.

Ages 3+, adult supervision required, do not eat (it's soap).

*Each Soap Dough Co. product is hand mixed, cut, and packed. Yes it's wonderful and sometimes batches look slightly different than photos. Please reach out with any questions.

Kermit Green - Spearmint

Orange - Blood Orange

Jungle Green - Spearmint

Blue - Cypress

Brown - Rosemary Mint

Yellow- Lemon

Black and White Accent Colors (Optional) - Unscented

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All about your dough

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Soap Dough kid-safe?

Absolutely! Our Soap Dough Co. soap dough is not only incredibly fun but also safe for kids. Soap Dough Co. soap dough is made from plant-based ingredients, ensuring a gentle and nourishing experience. While our soap dough is kid-friendly, please note that some bamboo tools included in the kit may have sharp edges. We recommend Ages 3+ with adult supervision required for added safety.

2. Does Soap Dough Co. soap dough harden?

Yes! Soap Dough Co. soap dough AIR DRIES into a firm bar consistency within just 24 hours! Your soap dough will stay soft and pliable when kept airtight. 

3. How long will Soap Dough Co. soap dough keep?

In its current eco-bag packaging, Soap Dough Co. soap dough will stay fresh and pliable for several months. However, it will last many more months when transferred to any air tight container with a lid

4. What kind of scents are available with Soap Dough Co.?

Each color of our soap dough features a unique and delightful essential oil scent. 

Rule of thumb:

Purples = LAVENDER

Greens = MINTS (Spearmint / Peppermint / Eucalyptus)

Blue and Brown = CYPRESS

Pinks and Reds = GRAPEFRUIT

Yellows = Lemon

Oranges = Blood Orange

Black = Rosemary

White = Unscented

Don't want scented soap dough? Select UNSCENTED.

5. Can I use Soap Dough Co. soap dough right away as soap?

Absolutely! Use the soap dough as soap immediately, or if you're feeling a bit patient, wait 

24 hours for dough to harden into soap bar consistency. 

6. What skill level is required to use Soap Dough Co. soap dough?

Soap Dough Co. soap dough is suitable for all skill levels! Whether you're a seasoned soap artist or just starting your soap crafting journey. Kits include instructions and tutorials to guide you along the way, ensuring a fun and successful experience. And if you prefer simplicity, you can even use the soap dough cubes as soap as they are, without shaping them into characters.

7. How much Soap Dough Co. soap dough is included in each kit?

Each Soap Dough Co. kit includes approximately 8 OUNCES soap dough including accent colors. That's plenty of dough to create numerous small characters or a few larger characters. 

For larger groups or parties, we recommend at least two kits.