Craft the perfect party

Shape, Set, and Lather Up with Soap Dough
  • Easily Moldable

    Perfect for all ages to shape and create.
  • Magic Formula

    Keep it soft and moldable or let it air-dry and harden, up to you!
  • All-Natural Ingredients

    Gentle on skin and eco-friendly
  • Art meets skincare

    Display your soap creations as decorations or use them as a safe and gentle hand and body soap.

Experience art, play, and skincare all at once

Easy to squeeze, shape, and sculpt

Keeps soft when stored properly

Air-dries overnight when you are ready

Over the years we've put our hearts and souls into crafting the perfect soap dough.  Its soft, pliable and easily moldable into any shape.  When left out overnight to air-dry, it hardens  and becomes like a bar of soap.  You can use it as a safe and gentle soap in either form!


Hand-made with love from quality, sustainable ingredients


Each kit contains:


How to:

Soap Dough Kits

Choose one or more of our 7 kits. Each kit has a unique combination of colors.  Each color has a unique essential-oil scent, but can also come unscented.